Within the framework of the national program "Consume lo Nuestro" which seeks to encourage local production, Grupo Bocel has launched the "Sit at the table"(Sentémonos en la mesa) campaign. With this campaign the company invites the entire Dominican family to meet again, to share every special moment together, and above all to enjoy the best food, made with the love and quality that has always characterized the company.

As a way of thanking all those who in one way or another have been working and dealing with the COVID-19 situation, Grupo Bocel has started a program of distribution of product baskets. These baskets have been directed to doctors, nurses, policemen and support personnel in supermarkets, who since day 0 have been facing the crisis and helping the population in their safety and to obtain the essential goods they require. This is a way of thanking those who were born with the vocation of ensuring the health of all and carry it out every day with passion, love and courage.

The company Grupo Bocel has launched the new Maria Cookies for the enjoyment of the entire Dominican family, reaffirming the company's commitment to continue providing quality products that they can consume and share with all their loved ones. This is a milk cookie with the tradition formula. Ideal for preparing desserts, accompanied with hot drinks or tasting alone. It comes in various presentations including packages of 12 and 24 units. The Maria Cookies are now available at your favorite establishment.

As part of the new normal and for the protection and safety of all its collaborators, Grupo Bocel has implemented a series of sanitary measures since April.

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