Grupo Bocel



As part of the new normal and for the protection and safety of our collaborators, since April 2020 Grupo Bocel has implemented a series of sanitary measures. These measures, which are part of an entire operation, seek the wellbeing and safety of all company related persons.

Here are some of the measures implemented:

  • Placement of Sanitation Tunnels at all entrances to each Production plant.
  • Placement of hand sanitizer Dispensers in all common rooms of the company headquarters.
  • Placing of signs on Murals in all company departments, describing Preventive Measures against COVID-19
  • Carrying out internal and external campaign for employees, clients, suppliers and consumers of our company's products, on preventive measures.
  • Delivery of Masks to all employees of Grupo Bocel and delivery of alcohol sprinklers for hands to all departments.
  • Donation of food baskets to Public Civil Security personnel, medical personnel and field personnel in supermarkets in gratitude for their work during the state of national emergency.
  • Isolation of Personnel at high risk of contagion or vulnerability: Over 60 years old, pregnant, employees with catastrophic illnesses or respiratory ailments.
  • Implementation of remote work in Departments and/or for employees who could work in this modality.
  • Doubling the number of vehicles for the routes of transportation for the employees of Grupo Bocel.
  • Temperature measurement and hand disinfection before entering the production plants.
  • Home isolation for persons suspected of being infected with COVID-19 and all who has been in contact with them.
  • Performing Blood Tests to determine the presence of antibodies or viral load of employees (by department).
  • Creation of an internal committee for the execution and monitoring of COVID-19 measures.
  • Preparation of an Action Guide for team leaders in Grupo Bocel´s on measures to take when someone on their team presents symptoms or is detected with COVID-19.